We had the pleasure of  recently paying a visit to a fellow, local manufacturing business who will remain nameless.  The nature of our visit was to tour their facility, explore their capabilities, and discuss a possible collaboration since they specialize in Sheet Metal Fabrication and we specialize in CNC Machining.

First off, I would like to thank the fine people at this facility for taking the time out of their busy schedule and hosting us.  Secondly, I have to say that their operation, 46 years and going strong, was very impressive, and we took a lot away from our visit.  Although the scale of their operation is much larger than our own, one thing I noticed was the similarities of a lot of our processes, so the tour was a very good glimpse into the future of where we will be one day.  It was also great to see at their facility, both old “proven” industry technology and new “cutting edge” technology working side by side.  Plus, their very large and diverse staff could not be more gracious and friendly during our visit.

I see a lot of value that this company could bring to us and vice versa so we have began the process of a possible collaboration.  Regardless of whether we end up working with this group,  my main take away for our visit is that we must be doing something right here at Mecha Inc. and there is truly no limit of where what we can become.

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