The results of machining hundreds of pounds of metal into finished parts, daily results in piles of leftover scrap metal.  At Mecha we always work to maximize our efficiency  whether it is during the quoting phase, programming our machines, setting up our machines, or the machining itself.  Part of achieving  maximum efficiency consists of quoting parts in a manner that utilize the maximum amount of the raw bar stock material, programming parts for optimal machining that leaves as little scrap left over as possible, and making sure we are meeting these targets during set up phase and the actual machining with tight supervision and making adjustments on the fly if needed.

Besides the normal, left over scrap that results from machining, we do our best to avoid the other kind of scrap, or what we call the worse kind of scrap aka scrap parts.  Scrap  parts take place during the actual machining process and are when a part is ran incorrectly or  turns out, out of spec, and cannot be fixed, so we have to scrap it.  Here again our goal of maximum efficiency applies to  every phase of manufacturing from quoting. to programming, to set up, and to machining.  When each phase is completed with maximum efficiency, the result is minimal parts scrapped and maximum good parts produced.

Whether it is left over machining scrap or scrap parts, here at Mecha, we try to do our part and be good stewards of the Earth and are fully committed to a recycling program for all our left over metals, plus we keep a healthy inventory of finished stock parts for our customers that might be purchased and utilized at a later date.

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