Our specialty here at Mecha Inc. is “high mix/ low volume” manufacturing.  This means that we manufacture a wide variety of parts in smaller volume runs, and many times we deliver multiple revisions of a part over an entire life cycle.  With this kind of manufacturing it is very common for us to yield a few extra pieces with each successful run of a part .  Some of our customer’s agree to accept a certain percentage of these extras with each delivery and for those that don’t, we offer a very convenient stock part service.  We keep a healthy supply of these stock extras, all carefully inspected for quality and conformance, and organized, cataloged, and quickly accessible by us and available right away for our customers.  Taking things a step further,  our own Infoflo  website (https://infoflo.mechainc.com) that we offer our customer’s access to, allows them to view our entire stock inventory of their parts,  for instant purchasing.

Here are just a few scenarios that illustrate the convenience of Mecha Inc.’s stock part service:

  • Scenario one:  The customer has an old field unit or two out there that use some of our components and suddenly needs to replace those field units.
  • Scenario two:  The customer miscalculated the number of our components that were needed to complete their build during the initial purchase with us.
  • Scenario three:  For whatever reason the customer only needs a few pieces of one of one of our parts and wants to avoid having to place a new order and pay the significant cost associated with a small run and wants to avoid having to wait for the parts to be made from scratch.
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