Machining can be very dangerous. Sometimes parts can be ripped out of a vise during drilling or milling, causing significant damage. This is why CNC machines typically have safety glass on the front doors, and most newer machines by will not run with the doors open.

At Mecha, we mill parts as aggressively as possible, sometimes pushing the limits of our workholding capability in order to reduce cycle times and provide savings to our customers. So we require all personnel to wear safety glasses in the machining area to protect their eyes in the event that shards of safety glass or other projectiles are launched through the shop.

We are proud of our safety record. We’ve had a few cuts requiring stitches and some bruises here and there, but we’ve had no major accidents since our inception.

This photo shows a close call this week, but the safety glass did its job!

Bobby Boyd Machine Shop, Machining

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