Mecha is closed this Friday, May 5th, for Good Friday.  Permanent employees regularly scheduled to work this Friday will receive holiday pay.

Easter and Passover are uniquely Christian and Jewish traditions, respectively.  However, this weekend is a great opportunity for people of all religions and traditions to celebrate life.  I encourage everyone to spend quality time with friends and family this weekend.  And spend some time reflecting on your personal growth and well-being.  

At Mecha, we foster professional growth as much as possible.  But our ultimate goal is to help employees become successful people, not just successful professionals.  This is why we spend so much time talking to young employees about their personal finances, dispensing career advice, encouraging further education outside of work, and so on.  We stay out of people’s personal business, but we are here if anybody seeks advice on anything outside work or help dealing with personal hardships.

Thanks to all of Mecha’s staff for the hard work.  We had a record month in March, and we are happy to give you a well-deserved day off.

Bobby Boyd Employees, Holidays

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