Mecha continues to have incredible demand for our services. This is a testament to our team of hard working, loyal, and talented individuals. This is by far the most productive and cohesive group of people we’ve ever had. In fact, we just had one employee offer to donate some of his PTO to another employee who had missed work due to a surgery! This is the kind of culture we have built at Mecha, and we are continuously looking to add more talent.

Unlike a lot of machine shops, Mecha has an extremely low employee turnover ratio, and no issues finding capable people to work here. What’s our secret? Here are some of the reasons:

  1. We are a true meritocracy. People get paid fairly based on productivity and results.
  2. No experience is necessary. We don’t care about background, education, or experience. We care about results and will provide all the training needed to succeed. So anybody with the right talent, attitude, and work ethic can advance their pay and career in very short order if they produce.
  3. We have all the benefits of a large business. We pay for an employee’s health, vision, dental, short term disability, and long term disability insurance. We also offer a 3% match for our retirement program.

In short, if you are looking for a career, not just a job, apply now via the Employment section of our website. We are looking for people who work in a family business atmosphere with all the benefits and technical capabilities of a large business.

Bobby Boyd Employees

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