Some of the parts we manufacture have extremely tight tolerances. Accordingly, we needed a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) to match the precision and accuracy of our machining capabilities. There are a lot of great CMM’s on the market, but we ultimately chose the Wenzel SF 55. Their pre-sales support was fantastic, answering all our questions and concerns. The machine itself is extremely accurate and works great with our workflow, which includes MasterCAM and Verisurf. The Renishaw PH20 probe allows for 5-axis measurements, facilitating the measurement of complex parts.

For our customers, the Wenzel SF 55 has increased our overall CMM capacity, resulting in quicker turnaround times on some parts. The SF 55 also allows us to produce parts with more complex geometries than we were previously able to measure accurately. As our customers continue to push the limits of our capabilities, we will continue to find ways to meet those challenges.

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